Secure Document Imaging

Scanned. Stored. Secured. Peace of Mind at Your Fingertips.

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Ready to transform paper files into
searchable digital files?

Goodwill Southern California is here to help!

Benefits of Digitizing Documents:

  • Save Money and Eliminate offsite storage costs
  • Free up valuable office space
  • Find any document with the simple click of a mouse
  • Optimize efficiencies
  • Secure vital information from disaster, improve security and compliance

Why Choose Goodwill for Your Document Imaging Needs:

  • 100% guaranteed page-by-page quality assurance ensures a perfect paper to digital conversion – because spot checks are not enough
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Free on-site consultation and development of a fully customized program
  • Goodwill is 100 years strong, blending a century of stability with a commitment to technological evolution

CES Computer files yellow webWhy you can trust Goodwill:

  • AAA-certified member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID)- the industry’s security gold standard
  • Strict chain-of-custody procedures; secure and locking bins and trucks with surveillance systems
  • Shredding facilities with 24-hour surveillance and professional, trained security personnel.
  • Goodwill branded vehicles, uniforms, and security containers, for easy identification
  • Dual-custody service attended by courteous drivers and assistants
  • Thorough background checks for all department employees – we know how valuable your files are and we guarantee their security through every step of the process

To learn more about how your organization can benefit from this service, please contact us at 323.539.2196 or

When you choose Goodwill you support our mission of Transforming Lives Through the Power of Work by providing individuals with disabilities training and jobs that help them earn a paycheck, a sense of dignity and self-worth. But don’t just do business with us because it makes you feel GOOD. Do it because we’re GOOD at what we do.


“Advancement in business includes recognizing the role our business can play in our community and how it can empower other individuals. We value our partnership with Goodwill Southern California for helping us enrich our own communities. We have been amazed at the variety of services offered and the quality of Goodwill employees now working at our facility. We look forward to our shared commitment.”

– Lanny Shirk, President, Triumph Structures -Los Angeles, Inc.