Environmental Promise

At Goodwill Southern California we’ve been “Green Since 1916.”


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is what we do.

We take pride in our role as an environmentally responsible organization. For example, each year we receive more than 2.5 million donations of unwanted items. Reselling these goods not only helps fund training and job placement for about 45,000 people, it also saves over 100 million pounds of usable goods and waste from landfills.  In 2012 we also installed a new solar panel at our San Fernando Valley Campus. The resulting savings are estimated to be approximately $38,000 in the first year of system operation for the 51,000 square foot facility. The system will provide approximately 92% of the facility’s energy needs from clean solar energy. These savings help fund and expand our mission services.

Strict environmental policies guide all of our business practices and those of our vendor partners. Goodwill Southern California’s green efforts have this wonderful, additional side effect: Improving the health and well-being of the global community.

Life Cycle of a Donation