Simply put, Goodwill is good for everyone. Our broad and inclusive approach to outreach is inspired by our mission’s four cornerstones.


For nearly a century, Goodwill Southern California has transformed the lives of individuals with disabilities and disadvantages, providing them greater independence, self-sufficiency, dignity and purpose. Today, our mission remains firmly intact, though broader in scope. Goodwill Southern California improves the lives of an expanded footprint, encompassing individuals, businesses, communities and the earth.

Empowering Individuals

Goodwill Southern California empowers individuals by training, educating, employing and placing people with disabilities or disadvantages into careers that transform their lives. This extensive network of practical, compassionate aid embraces not only the individuals served, but also achieves a positive impact on Goodwill shoppers, donors and staff members. We offer a low-cost, high-quality shopping experience to consumers; provide donors a feel-good and convenient method to dispose of reusable household goods and e-waste; and create opportunities for staff members to enjoy rewarding careers in a supportive and inspiring environment.




Advancing Businesses

Smart businesses reap the benefits of Goodwill Southern California’s economical, high-quality solutions. At little or no cost, we help businesses hire and retain the talent they need with customized recruitment, skills assessment, screening, on-the-job training programs, layoff aversions and more. We also provide document imaging, secure shredding, e-waste recycling, landscape, custodial, commissary, assembly and contract fulfillment services at highly competitive rates.

Enriching Communities

Goodwill Southern California enriches communities through employment programs and opportunities, partnerships, and youth programs.

Caring for the Earth

Goodwill Southern California cares for the earth by reducing the need for landfills through the reuse or recycling of millions of pounds of textiles, home goods, paper products and electronics.“Green since 1916”, our organization’s outreach and initiatives have played a crucial role in making Goodwill Southern California one of the largest recyclers in the area. Last year, Goodwill Southern California diverted more than 130 million pounds of reusable or recyclable goods and electronics from landfills. Our emphasis on reusing and recycling also translates into decreased use of precious resources to manufacture and transport new goods. All of the organization’s green efforts have this wonderful, additional side effect: Improving the health and well-being of the global community.