David Fong

Watch David’s story here.

David Fong first started as a Trainee in the Work Activity Program at the Goodwill Valley Campus. At that time, he had limited exposure to the community and little work experience. According to his Rehabilitation Counselor, he was so nervous and scared in the beginning that he would not come into the building without being coaxed. Every morning his counselor and the Program Manager would have a pep talk with Fong and encourage him to go inside and work his full shift without attempting to leave. As a result of this support and that of other Goodwill employees and program participants, not only did Fong become more comfortable in his work environment, he has also developed stronger social skills and frienships.

Despite his apprehension, Fong was able to adjust to his job duties quickly and was promoted from Trainee to Material Handler in just one year. He now enjoys being part of a supportive team, setting a positive example for his younger siblings and being able to contribute to some of his family’s household expenses. Fong’s family is proud of him and the progress he has made at Goodwill.

Fong currently works closely with the Production Floor Supervisors to help serve other Program Participants. His goal is to become a Floor Supervisor himself. We congratulate David Fong for his courage and tenacity and proudly recognize him as our Valley Campus Achiever of the Year.