A Success Story

Seanise Webb had recently been evicted from her home.  Having spent the past 3 years caring for her kids, she suddenly found herself homeless, jobless and without any idea how to re-enter the workforce.  Times were hard and Seanise was forced to separate from her children in hopes of providing them a stable home life. She checked into a local women’s shelter and began looking for organizations that might be able to help get her back on her feet.


Seanise was referred to the Goodwill Career Resource Center by 211.  Working in her favor was the fact that Seanise was highly educated and had valuable work experience under her belt.  She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina and had spent many years working as a Nursing Assistant in local hospitals.  Seanise shared that she did not have any means of transportation to get to job interviews.  Thankfully, Goodwill So Cal was able to help Seanise by providing her with access to case-managed services and resources she needed to succeed in her job search and placement, including supportive services, such as transportation.


Just two months later, Seanise walked into the Career Resource Center the same as she would any other day, only today, Seanise was walking in to let the staff know she had recently been offered a full-time position with the County of San Bernardino, providing In-Home Supportive Services.


A few weeks after receiving her first few paychecks, Seanise was able to transition out of the homeless shelter and into her own apartment.  She returned to the Career Resource Center to thank everyone for supporting her through her darkest months.  Goodwill SoCal was able to open a door she had previously thought was permanently closed.  In the coming months, we hope to follow up with Seanise and share in her continued success.  Thank you San Manuel Band of Mission Indians for your support of Goodwill  Southern California and being a part of Seanise’s journey!