Donation E-receipts

We’re making it easier than ever to trace your Goodwill donation receipts. With our donation tracker, you will no longer have to hold on to your paper receipt. Just register and, print a receipt when needed. All of your receipts will be saved electronically. gsc-donation-e-receipt-web-12-14-16

When you donate to any of our stores or attended donation centers, we will enter your donation on our e-receipt system, ask for your email address, then email you an access code. Each time you donate, a receipt will be e-mailed to you. You can also track all of your donations, and download and print your receipts. Everything will be in one place for tax time, when you need to claim a deduction for your charitable contributions. You will also be able to see the impact your donations have made over the course of the year.

Thank you for your donations. Together, we are Transforming Lives Through the Power of Work!

If you prefer not to give us your e-mail address, we will provide a paper receipt. See store associate for more information.

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