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“We want people who come out of our programs to have dignity, and we believe there’s dignity in work.”

When Craig, Goodwill Southern California’s President and CEO, first visited a Goodwill retail store, he saw employees with tough backgrounds, just like Edwin, gain a sense of dignity from their work. That’s what convinced him to leave his corporate job and move to the non-profit world.

94 cents of every dollar you donate to Goodwill is dedicated to our no-cost programs and employment services.

And for every dollar that Goodwill spends in these programs, a local economic benefit is realized. It’s a ripple effect that more than maximizes your donation. We set a goal to help 500 at-risk youth this winter – we’ve got 20 to go. Help us reach our goal and bring youth, just like Edwin, out of the cycle of poverty and into a brighter future.