Give from the Heart

Ways to Share the Love (Goodwill SoCal style)…

While others are devouring bonbons, making florists wealthy, and struggling to see by candlelight all in the name of romance, here are a few of our favorite ways to celebrate Love’s big day.

It’s the Thought that Counts     Use more creativity than cash at Goodwill for thoughtful gifts that will make hearts flutter. Try filling a gift bag with only red or pink items. Buy an empty vase, add wildflowers and include an old-school love note. Or embrace your romantic side with a book of poetry (win more points for reading the poems out loud).

Embrace Your Mother this Valentine’s     Mother Earth that is. When you donate to Goodwill, you’re helping the environment by keeping usable items from ending up in landfills. Did you know you can also donate e-waste? Anything with a plug or a battery, whether it’s working or not. Because we all know that when sparks fly with your sweetheart, that’s a good thing. If they fly when you plug in your toaster? Not so much. So if your flip phone’s gone from to or your bedside lamp is no longer the light of your life, bring it to us and we’ll make sure it is properly recycled.

Be an Original     Catch your crush’s eye with Goodwill’s one-of-a-kind, designer label, and vintage clothing and accessories. We have racks and racks of Valentine’s Day looks to spice up your wardrobe that aren’t likely to be found anyplace (or on anyone) else.

Out with the Old     Spending February 14 solo? Don’t get bitter, feel better! Make room for a brand new sweetheart by cleansing your home and your heart of all-things-ex. Gather any lingering reminders – sports equipment, jewelry, books, clothes – and donate it all to Goodwill.

Have a Heart     Ultimately, Valentine’s Day is all about love. Single or attached, there’s no better way to show what’s really in your heart than helping transform the life of another person. Your contributions to Goodwill help thousands of individuals with disabilities and disadvantages find meaningful employment.

However you decide to spend this Valentine’s Day, we hope it’s filled with lots of love!

xoxo, Goodwill SoCal

A Few Heartfelt Treasures from Goodwill…

Feel the LOVE    It’s almost Valentine’s Day—are you feeling the love yet? This chocolate-covered holiday is the perfect excuse to be the sappiest version of ourselves and let those in our life know just how much we adore them. Whether you’re looking to up the romance factor with your sweetheart, cover your house in all things heart-shaped or turn up the heat on date night, Goodwill has you covered. With a little creativity and a keen eye, you’ll find some great deals on the shelves of your local store that would make even Cupid proud.

Home is Where the Heart Is    First, let’s look around your home. Adding a little Valentine’s Day flair to your décor can instantly get you in the mood for love. But put down the construction paper and safety scissors—keep it classy by looking for a few select pieces in the colors of the season. Here’s a peek at a few items found at a local Goodwill: a bevy of pink ceramic vases and bowls, heart-shaped candy dishes and sweet picture frames that started at just $2.99 to $5*. Choose a few coordinating pieces and arrange on a shelf or side table for a subtle touch of St. Valentine. [Pictures 1, 2]

Thinking of surprising someone with a romantic dinner at home? Put away the paper plates and spring for some new tableware, like champagne flutes and an ice bucket (to hold said champagne). And, what’s more romantic for dessert than chocolate fondue? Picking up all five of these things at a local Goodwill was only $16*. [Picture 3]

Sugar and Spice    Sentiment wins over price when it comes to giving a memorable Valentine’s Day gift. A little furry token of love is the perfect way to make someone feel special, while a cute picture frame with your favorite pic of the two of you is never too cheesetastic, we promise. [Pictures 4, 5] And, you can never go wrong giving your special lady something pretty to wear around her neck. Check out the selection at a local Goodwill: Bonus — that turquoise color is sooooo IN right now! [Picture 6]

Finally, there’s no better way to get in the Valentine’s Day mood than by trading in your yoga pants for something a little more spicy. This long, red gown was only $30*, while the short, pink cocktail dress was a dream-come-true at just $7.99*.[Pictures 7, 8] If you’re single, you might not be after picking up a dress like one of these!

Once you have the dress chosen, don’t forget the shoes. Nix the flats for a night and slip into something with a bit more height and, of course, of the appropriate color palette. These pairs fit the mood of the holiday and start at just $5.99*. [Picture 9]

Dare to Care AND Share    When you shop at Goodwill you can be daring (think pink cocktail dress), get into the Valentine’s Day mood through sharing (think great gifts for your sweetheart), while at the same time being caring (to the earth by purchasing reusable items, and to individuals in need by helping them find sustainable employment). Love truly is a magical thing!

*Merchandise and pricing at each Goodwill Southern California is unique. While the items pictured represent the type of merchandise and pricing offered, the items featured may not be available.