Halloween 2020

Halloween 2020 may be a bit different this year, but we have some tips to keep the spirit alive!

DIY Costume Ideas

Just because you may not be able to trick-or-treat, or go to a large party or event this year, Halloween 2020 can still be unique, creative and inspired!

Make your Halloween costume hunt an event in and of itself. Whether you’re shopping in your own closet or at one of our Goodwill SoCal retail stores, finding something creative and unique will not only be a whole lot of fun, but also an eco-friendly way to celebrate.

Below are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

And a few more…


Celebrate Safely

Once you’ve decided on a costume, schedule an online Halloween party with all of your spooky friends. You could offer prizes for most unique, creative, scary, glamorous or hilarious costumes. Share a few recipes for cocktails or mocktails so everyone can create a festive atmosphere together – only apart.

For little ones, decorate each room (or even just all the doors) in your house with a different theme and offer at-home trick-or-treating. For example, your could do a Goonies theme and offer Baby Ruths. Or a Mad Hatter theme with tea cakes and sandwiches. Of course you’d have lots of options with a Willy Wonka theme! A Harry Potter room could offer “Scabbers the Rat” treats – halved pears, black licorice tails and red cinnamon candy eyes. Or maybe a nice mug of butterbeer (there are lots of recipes online). And of course you can find some perfect butterbeer mugs or tea party accessories at your local Goodwill ;-).

To stretch it out a bit, make up a craft or activity to go with each “station”. Dance party, flash light hide and seek or have your little witches or wizards mix up a cauldron of Halloween brew. At one station, have the kids put on blindfolds and dip their hands in bowls of “worms” (cold spaghetti in olive oil), “eyeballs” grapes covered in slime, “hearts” (peeled tomatoes), mud or “guts” (tapioca pudding with crumbled cookies and gummy worms).

Or how about a treasure hunt around the house or backyard? Put some treats, coins or small toys in festive bags or containers and hide. You can make treasure maps to help your treasure seekers along.

Well, hopefully you get the idea. Make the most of Halloween 2020 by thinking outside the box and you’re sure to make special memories (and maybe even some new traditions) for years to come.