Party for a Good Cause

Looking for a way to beat the recession, have fun and do some good all at the same time? Try hosting a swapping party to trade items you no longer need or use for some new-to-you finds from your friends’ or family’s closets. Then, drop off any remaining treasures to a Goodwill Donation Center near you. We call it a Good for Everyone Swap-n-Drop.

It’s good for you and your guests because a swap is budget friendly and motivates everyone to clear out their clutter, it’s good for the environment because gently used items won’t end up in landfills, it’s a good way to entertain with a purpose, and it’s good for the individuals with disabilities or vocational challenges who benefit from your donations and Goodwill services.

You can host a party in your own home, or make it a block party in your neighborhood. It’s also great for church groups, schools, sports clubs and community organizations.

Hosting a swap is simple:


  • Establish some rules, for example, everyone must bring at least 5 items and can leave with the same number of items. Items should be clean and in good condition. No one can begin swapping until everyone has arrived. If more than one guest wants the same item, flip a coin or pull a name from a hat.
  • Consider asking guests for a small monetary donation for your charity of choice. (We hope you pick Goodwill of course!)
  • Send out invitations via email or regular post. (Download Customizable Invitations)
  • Send out reminders.
  • Plan for refreshments or ask guests to bring an appetizer, dessert or beverage.

Day of Swap

  • Gather boxes, hangers, tables, clothing racks if you have them, markers and stickers to help sort items on the day of your party.
  • Post signs throughout the swapping area to direct guests to different swapping categories such as shoes, accessories, skirts, dresses, shirts, pants, housewares, books, toys, sports equipment, children’s clothing, etc. (Download Signs)
  • Separate items into categories as guests arrive and hand out a tip sheet to guide them through the process. (Download Tip Sheet)
  • Use a bathroom or an extra bedroom for guests to try-on clothing.
  • Have fun and let the swapping begin!


  • Gather all remaining items and drop-off at a Goodwill Donation Center near you.

Thank you for your support!