People with Disabilities are a Dependable and Valuable Workforce

Slow economic growth means businesses, government and nonprofit organizations have to innovate to compete in a global economy. Communities need productive employees who will use their talent and creativity to produce results and grow our nation’s economy. October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Goodwill Southern California encourages the public and private sectors to hire applicants with disabilities and benefit from the unique talents they bring to the workplace.

In order to get the highest return on investment, businesses need to hire the right workers — employees with disabilities represent skilled workers in all industries, who are capable of confronting challenges and solving problems, and are receiving the training that modern businesses require.

For decades, Goodwill Southern California has trained and hired people with disabilities to work in our stores, donation centers and career centers as well as in emerging fields outside of Goodwill including healthcare, green industries and financial services. Goodwill depends on their expertise and this diverse workforce has helped GSC to grow into a leading social enterprise that served more than 92,000 people in 2010.

People with disabilities are a dependable and valuable workforce who have higher rates of employee retention, which reduces hiring and training costs. Employers can leverage tax benefits from hiring people with disabilities and attract a broader customer base for their goods and services. At the same time, employers can demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility by hiring people with disabilities, which include youth, older workers and military veterans.

With 14 offices throughout the Greater Los Angeles and Inland Empire areas, Goodwill Recruitment Services offers employers no cost solutions to all of their hiring needs.  Knowing that people are a key asset to business success, we serve tens of thousands of  job seekers annually offering businesses a large labor pool of diversified and qualified employees.

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