This Earth Month, Goodwill SoCal collaborated with local designers who upcycled outfits by transforming clothing and materials sourced from our stores. We hope to inspire a love of thrifting, highlight our ongoing commitment to sustainability, and share the positive impact donations and purchases have on our communities and the environment.

For more than 100 years, Goodwill SoCal has been a pioneer in the “reduce, reuse, repurpose” practice. Shopping and donating is not only gentle on your wallet, but also shows care for our planet by repurposing goods and keeping usable items out of landfills. You are also supporting our community by helping to provide job training and placement services for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

Whether you’re shopping secondhand, donating your gently-used items, or simply spreading the word about our commitment to sustainability, every action counts this Earth Month (and all year long!).

Check out our exhibit at our Atwater Village Retail Store.
3150 N. San Fernando Rd.
Los Angeles, 90065


Designer Bios:

Brian Chavez – Instagram

Brian is a multi-faceted designer and artist who focuses on skill and creativity to transform the mundane into fashionable beauty. As the Lead Tailor at Levi’s, he helped open the first Levi’s tailor shop in SoCal. Brian is the owner of Master/Naif | St. Selvedge LA.

Maddy Doane – Instagram

Maddy is the creator of Greenwrld, a brand dedicated to creating original designs using 100% second-hand, recycled materials. Greenwrld aims to promote the popularity and appeal of sustainable fashion while also creating an appreciation for exclusive items. Every item is one of a kind, meaning it cannot be replicated and no one else will ever own the same item as you! 

Justin Gargasz – Instagram

Justin co-founded sustainable brand Rag Reserve after spending 15 years designing sneakers, backpacks and apparel for other global brands. Utilizing his industrial design background locally, Rag Reserve clothing and accessories are designed and created from clothing collected in LA.

Miaira Jennings – Instagram

Miaira is a sustainable fashion designer/creator with a passion for giving new life to previously owned items. She creates fashion transformations, thrift flips and DIY tutorials to inspire fashion consciousness, out-of-the-box creativity and confidence.

Chandler King – Instagram

Chandler is a multifaceted artist and creator of BusyBdy, a unisex apparel brand specializing in distinct apparel for one of a kind individuals. In this case, the term ‘BUSY’ stands for ‘Being Unusual Saves You’.  Emphasizing that one does not need to conform to the norm to realize their aspirations in life, be it in fashion, career, and beyond. Each piece encourages you to break from traditional molds and strive for your own ideas of success, and creativity.


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