Time to Lighten and Brighten!

What’s hot? Sheer, lacey, flowing, flirty, strappy, colorful, bright and light. Pale pinks, nudes and cobalt blue. We’ve got it all plus some great tips for keeping your cool this season.

Mmmmm. Summer. Sun, shore and sea. Whether you’re sitting on the dock of the bay or sitting in your cubicle gazing longingly at your tropical beach screen saver, it’s the time of year for everyone to “lighten” up. And no, we are not suggesting you wear a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops to work (not even on casual Friday), but we do have a few cool ways to summer-ize your wardrobe with class and style.

Wipe Out

Wipe out the charcoal (unless you’re firing up the grill) and the chocolates (unless it’s a double scoop of rocky road). Summer is the time to lighten and brighten your palette. What better way to pay homage to the season of warmth and light than to mimic her colors? Pale pinks of early sunrises, nudes and neutrals of a sandy beach, cobalt blues and teals of ocean waves. Dive in deep with hues of watermelon, coral or tangerine. And, sweet as that double scoop of rocky road, a trip to a Goodwill store to stock up on cool summer fashions won’t wipe out your checking account.

Endless Summer Nights

You can never go wrong with classic white on a hot summer night. Ditch your little black dress (don’t fear, it’ll still be there this winter) for a flirty white sundress and a floral print silk scarf, or, white cotton, wide-legged pants with a fuchsia tank and wedge sandals. Support your summer lifestyle, and your local Goodwill, by checking out our huge selection of summer whites and brights.

Summer Breeze Makes You Feel Fine

Take a moment and breathe deeply, indulging in the summer scents of salty air, tangy barbeque and the sweet coconut of your favorite suntan lotion. Breezy fabrics like cotton, linen, silk and lace allow your skin to breathe deeply too. One of the season’s hottest trends, featured on Milan runways for Spring/Summer 2011, is vintage bridal lace. Layered with a nude or ivory cami, (unless you’re going for a “Jersey Shore” look) these romantic tops will keep you looking (and feeling) fresh. And Goodwill knows vintage. It’s one of our specialties!

Another breezy option for summer is the jersey dress. The swaying movement of a dress can circulate air against your body and provide you with some natural air conditioning. A stylish wrap dress or maxi made of Jersey material can actually make you feel cooler as the material provides a wicking action, absorbing moisture in the layer against your skin while the outer layer stays dry.

And the Giving is Easy

So, while we can’t guarantee that you’ll find an itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie, yellow polka dot bikini, we can assure you that you’ll be cool as a cucumber mojito after visiting a Goodwill store near you. And you’ll be helping someone in need land a job. That’s super cool!