Donation Drive Schedule

Attend a Donation Drive Fundraiser in Your Community

Help enrich community groups and care for the planet, by donating to a local Goodwill Donation Drive Fundraiser in your neighborhood. See our Donation Guidelines for a list of acceptable donation items. PLEASE NOTE: The information detailed here applies to Donation Drives for Goodwill Southern California only. Locations in Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Diego and Orange County are operated independently.

Scheduled Donation Drive Fundraisers for June 2015

Scheduled Donation Drive Fundraisers for July 2015

Scheduled Donation Drive Fundraisers for August 2015


Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips for a Successful Donation Drive

  • Start collecting items before the event. Pre-collection is KEY.
  • On the day of and weekends leading up to the event, visit local garage sales and ask neighbors to bring un-sold items to the drive or offer to pick them up.
  • Pass out flyers to everyone you know and distribute them at homes throughout the community.
  • Hang posters around your event location and at businesses throughout the community.
  • Post event details on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, blogs and on your organization’s website.
  • Call local radio stations and request a shout-out.
  • Volunteer to help family and friends clean out their garages, attics or closets and deliver items to the drive.
  • Request donations from employers or coworkers. (Don’t forget to ask for e-waste.)
  • Organize a pick up for items from those who cannot bring them to your drive (eg: senior centers, local business, etc.).
  • Collect unclaimed items from lost and found or laundromats in your community.
  • Contact realtors who may have clients that moved and left sellable items behind.
  • Organize a competition to motivate students or group members to collect donations.

Martin Luther King High hosts first donation drive

Martin Luther King (MLK) High School’s softball team was the first to host and kick off Goodwill Southern California’s Donation Drive Fundraising program.  The event successfully raised $7,000 for the softball program.