Goodwill Adds Solar to Sustainability Platform

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Goodwill Southern California (GSC) announced that after the 2012 completion of a 194.88 KW rooftop solar energy system at its San Fernando Valley regional headquarters (Lanark Street, Panorama City) it received a reimbursement check for $448,680 from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP). The LADWP reimbursement will help fund GSC’s no-cost career programs and placement services for community members with disabilities and disadvantages, further advancing the agency’s mission of Transforming Lives Through the Power of Work. The project was developed, designed and managed by Natural Power and Energy and constructed by One Sun, Inc.

“As one of the nation’s largest recyclers, we’re no strangers to caring for the environment. But this project takes things up a notch, reinforcing our commitment to a largely self-sustaining and environmentally responsible business model,” said Craig Smith, GSC President and CEO.  Last year GSC diverted 65.6 million pounds of reusable or recyclable goods from landfills and has laid out plans within its strategic objectives to implement LEED standards in all new construction projects, reduce fuel consumption by 10% and achieve Zero Waste certification by 2015, among other environmental goals. These objectives are all aimed at supporting GSC’s four cornerstones: empowering individuals, advancing businesses, enriching communities and caring for the earth.

“Goodwill’s environmental stewardship makes economic sense” said Rob Dallal, CEO of Natural Power and Energy.  “Their new solar system provides Goodwill with three important benefits – immediate savings to their operating expenses, long-term cost containment from rising energy rates, and improved environmental air quality through reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.”

The system is comprised of 812 Kyocera solar modules that send DC electricity to two high-efficiency Advanced Energy inverters. The inverters convert the electricity into AC and send it to the power grid. LADWP has agreed to credit GSC any excess electricity produced through its net metering program. The resulting bill savings are estimated to be approximately $38,000 in the first year of system operation for the 51,000 square foot facility. The system will provide approximately 92% of the facility’s energy needs from clean solar energy.

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