End Of Year Donation Tips

Getting those Holiday decorations out of your garage or closet may spark the idea to clean out your closet or garage and do an end-of-year donation run to your local Goodwill Southern California location. Here are some helpful tips to remember:

GOOD Tip #1: Avoid the rush
Try to drop off your donation early in the day before work or right when you get off. This will help your donation experience go as smooth as possible.

GOOD Tip #2: Try to donate during the week
Donating during the week is a great way to avoid the crowds and get in and out quickly if you happen to be in a rush.

GOOD Tip #3: Stop by before the holidays!
Try to make your donation prior to Christmas. The last week of the year is also the busiest week of the year for donations of household goods.

GOOD Tip #4: Don’t forget the tax benefits of donating to Goodwill
Remember to request a donation receipt. In addition to paper receipts, Goodwill SoCal now offers electronic receipts – you can keep all of your receipts in one place for when tax time rolls around.

GOOD Tip #5: Check to make sure we can accept your donation
Check to make sure Goodwill SoCal can accept all of your items. Some donations pose a liability, may be subject to a recall or are simply too damaged to repurpose or resell.

GOOD Tip #6: Wipe your computer before donating it
Remember to clean out your donated computer of all files, documents, discs and data before donating it in order to protect your privacy. Remember – Goodwill will accept any computer or computer accessory, working or not.

GOOD Tip #7: We take vehicle donations
Call Goodwill’s SoCal’s vehicle donation line at 1-800-898-8285 or visit our website to schedule a convenient home pickup of your donated automobile, RV, boat, or motorcycle.

GOOD Tip #8: Don’t get fooled by for-profit organizations
BE CERTAIN that the organization to which you’re making your donation is a certified 501C3 charitable agency. Many organizations that accept donations are actually for-profit companies and you cannot claim a tax deduction when donating to them.

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